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We have been playing a key role in serving our customers for more than forty years -ever since the foundation of Bridge Industrial Services- by providing high-quality services relying on our efficient and well-experienced human resources, as well as the use of modern machinery allowing us to provide the most precise top quality standards.

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Bridge Industrial Services WLL (BIS) provides its services through four sections:

  • Automobile Section this section is distinctive for the sheer size of work it carries out using heavy equipments and repairing large land and marine machinery. It also carries out overhaul and restoration of old engines.

  • Machinery Section this section shapes and resizes metals to reach any designed shape. It also manufactures various spare parts.

  • Welding and Fabrication Section the function of this section is to mould and shape steel and other metals to make moulds for concrete blocks of all sizes. All types of aluminum welding is also carried out by this section.

  • Metals melting and Moulding Section in this section, all types of metals such as copper, aluminum, bronze, cast iron and steel are melted and remolded according to the requested shapes and casts.

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