Fabrication and welding

Bridge Industrial Services specializes in all kinds of high quality custom metal fabrication services in Bahrain. Our modern, rapid response units are capable of handling a variety of metal fabrication needs for a variety of industries.

Our fabrication and welding experts assure world class finish that meets your custom requirements.

Mechanical fittings

Our specialization in mechanical fittings are among the best in the industry. We always adhere to the recommended standards. We are specialized in gearbox reconditioning, pumps overhauling, repair and maintenance of mechanical parts.

For special conditions, mechanical joint fittings with special drawings can be fabricated as per the client requirements.

Machining the products

At BIS, we also offer machining services to custom design industrial fixtures for special needs. We offer the best of latest CNC machining services and associated fixtures in order to deliver high quality, customized parts for various machinery. We also offer a variety of surface finishes and treatments, enabling us to satisfy all your machining needs under one roof. If you have the plans, we have the expertise to bring it to life.

Automobile Services

We also undertake repair works of a variety of automotive parts such as crank shaft, cams, cylinder heads, seat cutting, pistons, engine boring, honing, sleeving and more. We offer the diversity to work on any engine, particularly petrol, light diesel and heavy diesel motors. We also offer the provision of all forms of specialized performance machining to enhance engine's capabilities.

All members of the business are specialized experts in their fields. We remain very competitive in the market place - while ensuring our standard of workmanship remains at the highest level.

Condition monitoring through vibration analysis

We help monitor the operational efficiency of an equipment by monitoring and analysing the vibrations of the machine. We have a fair understanding of how a machine vibrates when in operation, thus any anomaly in the operations can be found out by the vibrations of the equipment. We offer all kinds of remote, wireless condition monitoring solutions that enables us to provide intelligent solutions that is unique to each case for a variety of industrial enterprises.

Bolt tensioning and torqueing

Our bolt tensioning and torqueing services at Bridge Industrial Services that are on par with international standards. We have the right kind of technical support from Hyratight which is well known globally for its quality equipment.

All kinds of mechanical valves repair and refurbishment

Our full range of mechanical valve repair services encompasses a wide variety of valves such as gate, global, ball, butterfly, plug, PSV/ PRV, etc. Our trained and well experienced team of professionals incorporate modern fabricating and machining equipment to ensure world class valves servicing services at our fully equipped workshop.

Chemical cleaning services

Bridge Industrial Services offers a wide range of proficient chemical cleaning services for industrial facilities. We are well equipped with the right kind of expertise and equipment to clean up a variety of steam equipment, pipelines, reactor, compressors, heat exchangers and other industrial grade equipment. Backed by years of expertise, we are capable of offering international grade cleaning services that suits your needs best.

Soda blasting fin-fan outside cleaning- dry method

Cleaning heat exchanger equipment can be quite a hassle. In order to counter this, we have incorporated the Fin Fan Optimization program, where we offer multiple levels of cleaning of the inside and outside of the heat exchanger tubes. We measure the plenum pressure differential and air velco in advance. Once the cleaning is completed, we ensure that the levels are brought back up to their optimal levels. Our most favoured method of cleaning finned tube surface is by soda blasting, which assures no production loss.

Pressure safety valve online testing and calibration

Our online safety valve testing and calibration services are among the best in the business. Our accurate assessment of the Set Point, in-situ and under pressure without any isolation enables us to test and calibrate the machinery without shutting down the equipment. Thus assuring an enhanced performance without hindering the production. Our cold testing analysis enables us to assess the performance quality of the existing valves, thus evaluating the quality and reliability in the long run.

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