Quality, Environment & Health and Safety Policy

Bridge Industrial Services Co. B.S.C. (closed) (BIS), established in the year 1967 specializes in providing Industrial Maintenance Services, Fabrication, Machining Services to the complete satisfaction of all customers while complying with all applicable requirements (contractual / legal) related to Quality, Health and Safety & Environment.

We are committed to continually improve our integrated management systems and enhance Quality, Health and Safety & Environmental (QHSE) performance.

We are committed to the protection of environment including prevention of pollution.

We are committed to prevent injury and or ill health of employees and other interested parties within our control and also to eliminate workplace hazards and reduce Occupational Health and Safety risks.

We are committed to the consultation and participation of workers and their representatives with respect to Occupational Health and Safety Management System related requirements as applicable.

This QHSE policy is aligned with the determined Quality, Health and Safety & Environmental context of the organization and supports its strategic directions considering also the QHSE risks of our activities, products and services.

This policy serves as the framework for setting our QHSE objectives and will be reviewed periodically for its adequacy during management review meeting as part of its agenda.

This policy shall be available to relevant interested parties as appropriate.

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