Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

BIS is committed to ensure satisfaction of its stakeholders in its entire works, through a highly competent & dedicated workforce, cutting edge technology in an eco friendly and safe work environment by means of continually improve the effectiveness of our QHSE system. All this is to be achieved by:

Delivering quality work, products and services to meet the customers defined specifications and expectations and within the project time frame.

Working towards the prevention of occupational injury and ill health.

Reducing the consumption of natural resources (materials, fuel and energy) and recycling materials at our best with the objective of minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment.

Investing in our people by providing training and creating a motivating working environment that leads to innovation and inspiration.

Providing the necessary information, instruction, training to our employees in health and safety at work and provide the continual supervision to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Continually audit the implementation of all work processes and procedures and periodically review the objectives of the QHSE policy and improve the processes and procedures.

Complying with applicable statutory and legal requirements in Kingdom of Bahrain in a socially responsible manner.

Communicating the policy to the employees and other stakeholders with emphasis on their individual QHSE obligations.

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